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Online Ordering Q & A


Added feature : Pre-order you meal 


  • When can orders be placed on the online ordering system?
    Order / Pre-orders can be made 10 days in advance, All orders need to be verified and approved before being accepted. This approval process starts 30 minutes pior to each shift. You will receive a confirmation once 'your' order has been accepted.
  • How long before my takeaway will be ready for collection?
  • This depends on how busy the kitchen is, as every dish is cooked fresh individually to your requirements. Our system runs in realtime so the fulfillment times are adjusted accordingly throughout the shift. Typically food can be ready to be picked up (depending on size and complexity of order) from 15 to 20 minutes (off peak) and upto 45 to 50 minutes (peak), We operate a queue system once slots are full and there maybe longer queues on special days such as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
  • What happens if your order has not been accepted?
    In the rare occassion of a technical problem such as internet connection or hardward issue, 'your' order may be missed in the small window of time we have to approve your order. Sometimes a payment may show up as pending on your bank account, but rest assured that the pending payment will not be captured and will reverse automatically within a couple of hours.
  • What payments do we take online?
    The system takes most bank cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express via a secure online platform operated by Stripe. There is an option to 'Pay at restaurant counter' for collection orders.
  • My account has a payment pending?
    When you place an order online and make payment, the merchant will either 'preauthorise' or 'capture' the amount and this may show up as pending on your account. The payment will be captured in several ways. Some transactions are captured straightway, whilst other transactions will show 'pending' and then it will be captured within 3 hours.
  • I want to make a changes to, or cancel my order?
    Please call us on 01908560812 / 01908560887 and we will make changes manually over the phone for you. Refunds are performed quickly as possible by us but may take several days to show on your account.
  • I don't see the Collection Discount.
    20% discount will be applied once you select 'collection' in the checkout options.
  • Need more help
    Please watch our short video for Online Ordering which may answer any other questions with Ordering Online with us.