BIG BOWLS Great for lunch or with your dim sum meal

Don't have time for a 3 course meal or want something lighter then choose from our BIG BOWL selection.

(v) = vegetarian

(s) = spicy, we can reduce spice on certain dishes

You can make your own combo by choosing your noodle, sauce and type of meat or veg. You can ask us for advice to see if a particular combo would work.

We have listed our popular big bowls below, as there are too many different combinations to list.


Hor fun Noodles 

Thick white noodles 

  Dry stir fry Beef in oyster sauce "Gon Chow hor fun" £8.95 
  Mix seafood and vegetables in light soya sauce £10.95 
  Mix vegetables in light soya sauce (V) £8.95
  'Wah Dan' House mix meat and prawn and veg in egg white sauce £10.95 
  Chicken in black bean sauce £9.95
  Monk's mix vegetables in soyabean sauce £9.95

Chow mein

Popular Yellow thin noodles

  Mix meat : king prawns, Char sui Pork, Chicken


  Chicken, Beef, or Char sui Pork chow mein



White thick round noodles

  Fujieun noodles, duck, prawn, choi sum, carrots 


Crispy Noodles

Popular deep fried yellow thin noodle base

  House Special Mix meat and vegetables in soya sauce on crispy noodles


  Pork strips and seasonal chinese vegeatables on crispy noodles


  Chicken, Beef, in black bean sauce


  Monk's mix vegetables in soyabean sauce




Thin white rice noodles

  Charsui Pork and shrimp spicy Singapore (s) £8.95
  Vegetarian spicy singapore (s) (V) £8.25

Pad Thai

Famuos noodle dish from Thailand

  Chicken £9.95
  King Prawn £10.95
  Mix Vegetable £9.50

Soup based noodles in

Served in light broth

  King Prawn 'Won Ton' Noodle with choi sum £9.25
  Char sui pork and choi sum with noodle  £9.95


  House special mix rice in gravy £10.50
  Fujieun King Prawn and roast duck with mix veg 











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